Case Study
From Inbox to Ringing Phones
  • 10 weeks
  • 27 calls
  • 5 commercial negotiations
About Divocate
A business consulting firm based in Los Angeles thrives in one of the United States' most dynamic markets, offering tailored consulting services that encompass technology integration, market trend analysis, and strategic business insights to startups and diverse industries.
  • Solution

    B2B Sales Engine
  • Industry

    Business consultancy
  • Headquarter

    Los Angeles
  • Company size

  • Target Audience and Diverse Countries Demand Specific Approach
    as each region (Qatar, Kuwait, SA, UAE) has unique cultural norms, preferences, and regulatory frameworks, necessitating tailored messaging, and consideration of cultural sensitivities
  • Finding Customers as a Young, Growing Startup
    due to limited brand recognition, fierce competition, and the challenge of establishing trust and credibility in a crowded market
  • Overreliance on Referral Channels for Lead Generation
    making it's crucial for the company to explore new ways, like email marketing, to reach more potential customers and keep growing
  • Finding the Right Fit
    Tech start-up founders seeking fundraising represent a niche audience. Pinpointing this group requires careful segmentation of the broader tech industry.
  • Email Marketing Education
    We guided the customer through every step of creating email sequences, parsing datasets, and building an automated email outreach system, ultimately empowering them with the knowledge to execute these processes independently in-house.
  • Customised Sequences
    Developed and tailored customized email campaigns specifically designed to align with and cater to the diverse cultural preferences of various target audiences
  • Reply Management Training
    Conducted specialized reply management training for UltB team to enhance engagement with diverse cultures and increase product knowledge
  • Dataset of 10,000+ Decision Makers
    Prepared an extensive dataset of 10,000+ decision makers from tech startups, including CEOs, founders, managing directors, etc
  • Holidays Reply Management
    Covered reply management during European holidays to maintain engagement with target audiences from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar
  • Lead Magnets
    Integrated lead magnets into sequences to build trust in the startup
Hyper-Personalised Sequences
    “On behalf of Divocate family, I would like to sincerely thank you for your effort and dedication, we had quite the ride!”
    Muhamad Nashat, Divocate®
    Business Development Manager
    • 27 Calls in 3 Months

      Handled a significant volume of client interactions, demonstrating active engagement and responsiveness of the leads

    • Facilitated 5 Commercial Negotiations
      Successfully managed and closed five commercial negotiations, showcasing the high quality of the leads
    • Expanded into New Regions

      Strategically grew the business footprint by entering and establishing a presence in new regions: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

    • Built Email Outreach Automation System
      Developed an automated system for efficient and scalable email outreach, that has been fully transferred to Divocate marketing team
    Campaign Manager
    Lili Avetyan
    Reply Manager
    Ajla Burina
    Customer Success Manager
    Nadia S
    Email Deliverability Manager
    Anton Neyaskin
    Sales Expert
    Ratko Milin
    Data Scientist
    Igor Medved