Case Study
Transforming Business:
Confidence, New Models, 35 Calls
  • 25% call-closed deal conversion rate
  • 35 calls
  • 4 sales call reviews
About Kalicube
a French-based digital marketing agency and software company led by an industry influencer, provides cutting-edge solutions to future-proof digital search strategies.
  • Solution

    B2B Sales Engine
  • Industry

  • Headquarter

    Aubais, France
  • Company size

  • Expert Reputation Lacks Service Recognition
    Despite being recognized as a top SEO expert, Jason struggled to attract new leads who are unaware of his service offerings beyond teaching.
  • Absence of Sales System
    The absence of a sales system left the solo entrepreneur Jason without the time and resources to develop effective lead-generation channels.
  • Lack of Structured Service Offerings
    hindered the ability to present and promote great solutions effectively, making it difficult to attract new clients.
  • Lack of Sales Experience
    resulting in discomfort and a lack of confidence in presenting products and discussing future collaborations.
  • Customer Success Interview Workshop
    Jason engaged with his customers to better understand their pain points and goals, using this information to refine his email marketing outreach and to define his Ideal Customer Profile and Value Proposition.
  • Sales Training with Proven Techniques
    Jason elevated his sales skills with our Sales Training featuring proven techniques that transformed his approach and boosted their confidence.
  • Outreach to 77 000 high-qualified prospects
    from diverse industries including accounting, hospitality, legal services, and banking via our targeted and personalised emails
  • Offer Workshop to Create Appealing Offer
    With our specialized Workshop, designed to help create compelling propositions that captivate audience Kalicube crafted irresistible offers.
  • 4 Sales Call Reviews
    Kalicube enhanced their sales effectiveness with our detailed Sales Call Reviews, receiving personalized feedback and actionable improvements.
  • Data Analysis of Target Audience
    providing deep insights that refined Kalicube's outreach strategy unlocked the full potential of their market
Hyper-Personalised Sequences
    “Kalicube's service is new and innovative which makes cold emailing difficult. Ultb went above and beyond to make it work for us. They worked with us to define our market clearly and create precise targeting, they adapted communication until it worked and provided bespoke training to increase conversion rates from the calls they booked”

    Jason (Martin) Barnard, Kalicube®
    CEO, Brand SERP Specialist
    • Target Audience Refined

      Through customer Success Interviews, the Ideal Customer Profile and Value Proposition were defined, allowing for more precise and effective marketing efforts.

    • Pricing Model Revamped
      Innovative offer structures were developed that resonated strongly with the audience, the pricing model was revamped to better align with market demands and customer expectations.
    • Generated 35 calls

      with high-qualified leads, further expanding the reach and potential for conversion.

    • Elevated Confidence in Sales Call Execution
      empowering Jason and the team to engage more effectively with prospects.
    Lead Campaign Manager
    Lili Avetyan
    Reply Manager
    Metin Vurmaz
    Customer Success Manager
    Svetlana Vasilieva
    Email Deliverability Manager
    Anton Neyaskin
    Sales Expert, Founder of UltB
    Igor Shapiro
    Data Scientist
    Igor Medved