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Follow the same methodology we used on 100+ companies to build a scalable B2B Sales Engine
How to get 100 verified leads?
Step 1
Complete the questionnaire above and pick your Ideal Customer Profile. This will initiate a custom scraping task. Typically, we would need up to a couple of hours (in rare cases, up to 24 hours) to find the leads. In rare cases, we might need longer - please be patient :)
Step 2
Once the scraping task is complete, we will send you a link via email. You can download the leads & start working with them. We recommend importing them to your CRM system & start approaching them.
Step 3
You can try booking meetings with those leads on your own - totally for free. If you want to scale your sales pipeline & get a stable inflow of qualified sessions booked, let's chat to see if we have a fit.


How accurate are the leads provided?

Our tool uses sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive databases to ensure that the leads provided match the ICP you've defined. While every lead should closely align with your criteria, as with any automated system, we recommend vetting each lead to ensure precision.

How quickly will I receive the leads after completing the form?

Once the form is submitted, our system processes your requirements and will typically send the leads to your email within a couple of hours (in rare cases, up to 24 hours). You will receive the results via an invite to a Google Sheet.

How is my data and the data of the leads protected?

We prioritize user privacy and data security. All data submitted is encrypted, and we adhere to strict GDPR and other applicable data protection regulations. The leads generated are only for your private use and will not be shared with third parties.

Can I use the tool multiple times with different ICP criteria?

Absolutely! You can use the tool up to 3 times, tailoring the ICP criteria for different campaigns or target segments.

Do the leads provided come with contact information?

The sample will include name, company name, email and position at the company.

Looking for more appointments with decision-makers? We might help you.
Typically, clients come to us to solve B2B sales problems, like...

  • Agencies

    • highly dependent on referrals
    • no stable inflow of qualified leads
    • manual outreach is too time-consuming
  • Saas Startups

    • lack of predictable inflow
    • not enough time for prospecting
    • dependent in the MKT department
  • IT Service Provider

    • lack of predictable client inflow
    • LinkedIn outreach is not scalable
    • no structured B2B Sales processes in place
  • Sales Teams

    • poor experience with providers
    • Low closing rates & long cycles
    • lack of capacity to focus on building own pipeline
We are trusted by 50+ agencies, SaaS-Startups & IT service providers in Europe & North America
Award winning partner for leading B2B Sales companies

"Igor and his team at UltB have been a reliable partner for providing a steady flow of customers - right from the start. UltB is among our top 10 global partners in 2023 leveraging CLOSE CRM to build internal B2B Sales Engines for agencies, IT software providers, and startups."

James U.

Head of Partnership at Close CRM - Paolo Alto, USA

Built for (and by) a bold, remote team.

Close builds fast, powerful sales software for businesses of the future. Since 2013, Close is been building a CRM that focuses on better communication without the hassle of manual data entry or complex UI.

Official Integration Partner of Close CRM

in Europe

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Over 50 founders & sales leaders have given us a 5 star review
  • "Really impressed with the response rate so far, and this is just with the first outreach campaign! Love the targeting and filtering opportunities."
    Juergen B.
    Founder of Zezam - Berlin, Germany
    Marketing Platform connecting major brands with creators
  • ”I am hugely impressed with your approach, your openness to adapt and your smart intelligence. We have no idea at this stage how well this project will go. But I feel;in my gut this agency outreach is going to go very very well”
    Jason B.
    Founder and Owner of Kalicube - Aubais, France
    SEO Agency and SEO SaaS Tool for Brand SEO Management
  • ”We did not expect that and we’re trying now to find enough resources to handle the incoming calls. Let’s build a scoring systems for these leads so we can prioritize.”

    Sebastian L.
    Business Development at Rio ESG — London, England
    Sustainability software platform that helps manage ESG risk
  • “Love the quick response time - I am having the feeling that my back is covered during the whole campaign”

    Fiona M.
    Founder and Owner of MyDeco Marketing Agency - London, England
    Digital marketing and PR for luxury interior designers
  • "I liked the communication and I think you are great. Really impressed with the response rate so far, and this is just with the first outreach campaign!

    Nik J.
    Founder and Owner of SemiFlat_ - Cracow, Poland
    UX/UI design agency for B2B SaaS
  • “I would love to thank you for your cooperation and for trusting us with the reputation and brand representation of WeScale brand and your name to a broader audience.”
    Jure K.
    CoFounder of WeScale - Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Performance Marketing Agency for DTC Brands
  • "Before engaging with UltB we never did cold emails. Igor was convinced to give it a try, we launched several campaigns and in the end, I am very happy with the work together. The UltB team is very professional. the response time to my questions and ideas, it was almost instant"
    Angel N.
    CoFounder of uFleet - Sofia, Bulgaria
    SaaS company for last-mile delivery optimization
  • “Let’s go ahead with your suggestions. Let’s have the data and A/B testing guide us.”
    Asif A.
    Senior Sales Director - St. Julian's, Malta
    Cloud Service Provider with focus on MS Services
  • “Guys, well done so far - let’s keep up the pace”
    Kiril P.
    Co-Founder and CEO of DRIM - London, England
    SaaS-based Influencer Marketing Platform
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But since you are showing beyond-average interest in UltB, we are more than happy to tell you more about our product, company, and our vision.

Igor Shapiro
CEO & Founder
Letter from the founder

Hi, I’m Igor, CEO & Founder at UltB.

Thanks for stopping by. It is an honor to welcome you to our product we have created with passion and love for the craft.

If you have a minute, I would love to use this opportunity to tell you about what’s behind the company and where we are heading.

I loved building stuff since childhood and started my first startup project when I was 16. However, I always felt that it was not my last project but an opportunity to learn through failure so I could create something more significant later on.

Later on, when I started working in for the big guys, building companies from scratch and acquiring them, I found that most B2B companies lacked a predictable inflow of new business. Most of the sales were done by founders, depended on referrals, and were not scalable. I decided to find a way to automate the process for one of my own projects and so UltB was born.

Today, at UltB we are building in-house Sales Engines for B2B companies that make it easier and more predictable to attract new customers. And with the advance AI technologies, we aim to automate this process as much as possible while keeping it very personal.

Being a boutique business by design, we prioritize quality over quantity and strive to preserve the startup culture, no matter the scale. Our goal is to build a great company where we love to work, with outstanding products that customers adore, and constant innovation that drives the industry forward.

We are looking forward to working with you and hope that you can feel our love through our product and every interaction with the team.

Working hard for you every day,
Igor Shapiro, CEO & Founder at Reply