Case Study
Global Expansion:
Cross-Border Outreach
  • 2 months
  • 18 calls
  • 6 commercial negotiations
About Tifogroup
A brand new Belgian start-up that develops entertaining games for sport lovers from all over the world.
  • Solution

    B2B Sales Engine
  • Industry

  • Headquarter

    Flanders, Belgium
  • Company size

  • Unclear Performance of Products
    The unclear performance of products and regions complicates decisions on which sports games to promote in specific countries based on cultural interests.
  • Localization Complexity
    Localizing sequences for diverse markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Belgium requires translating content into multiple languages.
  • Target Audience Identification
    Targeting sports enthusiasts is challenging due to the difficulty in identifying an audience interested in incorporating sports betting into HR activities.
  • Lead Generation Expansion
    As a startup, there is a critical need to identify and penetrate new lead generation channels to facilitate market growth.
  • Tailored Email Campaigns
    Created customized email sequences for 13 countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, translated into English, French, German, and Dutch.
  • Personalized Sales Workshops
    Provided tailored sales workshops and call reviews, offering personalized analysis of Tifogroup's case and product to enhance sales practices and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Reply Management
    Collected feedback from Tifogroup and implemented changes in reply management, covering replies in different languages in collaboration with Tifogroup.
  • Data-Driven Conversion Optimization
    Analyzed call-to-deal conversion rates and adjusted the dataset to focus on companies with a minimum size of 300 employees to increase lead interest and deal value.
  • Strategy Testing Across Industries
    Tested strategies in over 150 industries, including legal services, oil and energy, retail, tobacco, and sports.
  • Expanded Customer Segments
    Added CEOs and founders of small companies to the target audience, in addition to HR managers.
Hyper-Personalised Sequences
    “Very professional team and great support from the Customer Success team along every step!”
    Jan Vellemans, Tifogroup®
    • 18 calls in 2 months

      Our targeted campaigns resulted in 18 high-quality calls within just 2 months, enhancing Tifogroup's engagement with prospects.

    • Facilitated 6 Commercial Negotiations
      We successfully initiated 6 commercial negotiationsn for the team of Tifogroup, moving them closer to closing valuable deals.
    • 59 Promising Leads Secured

      Thanks to our email marketing outreach, we secured 59 promising leads for Tifogroup, significantly expanding their potential client base.

    • Boost in Organic Traffic
      Our strategic efforts led to a noticeable increase in organic traffic to Tifogrop's website, improving their online visibility and attracting more potential customers.
    Campaign Manager
    Mirza Mujanović
    Reply Manager
    Ajla Burina
    Customer Success Manager
    Nadia S
    Email Deliverability Manager
    Anton Neyaskin
    Sales Expert
    Giorgi Khanishvili
    Data Scientist
    Igor Medved