Case Study
Empowering Outreach:
Perfected Sequences and Essential Tools
  • 2 workshops
  • 1 campaign review
  • 12 sequences
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About I Love Mobile
A Danish mobile advertising agency with a decade of experience, serving over 200 clients, including renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Lego, Unilever, and numerous others.
  • Solution

    UltB Academy
  • Industry

    Mobile advertising
  • Headquarter

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Company size

  • Team Lacks Sales and Marketing Expertise
    The team faces a significant challenge due to its limited experience in sales and marketing, resulting in suboptimal campaign strategies and execution. This lack of expertise hampers the ability to craft compelling messages and effectively engage potential customers, ultimately impacting the overall success of the outreach efforts.
  • Over-Reliance on Referral Traffic
    The heavy dependence on referral traffic poses a significant risk, as it limits the diversity of the lead generation sources. This over-reliance leads to inconsistent lead quality and volume, making it challenging to maintain a steady pipeline of prospects and achieve growth targets.
  • Limited Data Parsing Tools and Knowledge
    With restricted access to advanced data parsing tools and a lack of in-depth knowledge, the team struggles to analyze and leverage customer data effectively. This limitation hinders the ability to personalize campaigns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that could enhance the targeting and relevance of email outreach.
  • Ineffective Product Promotion Within Short Sequences
    The current email sequences are too brief to effectively communicate the value and benefits of the products, leading to lower engagement and conversion rates. This challenge underscores the need for a more comprehensive approach to nurturing leads and conveying the unique selling propositions of the offerings.
  • 2000 Top-Quality Leads for 2 ICPs
    By securing 2000 top-quality leads tailored to two specific ICPs, the outreach campaign ensures highly relevant and targeted engagement. This focused approach maximizes the potential for conversions and customer satisfaction by aligning with the distinct needs and preferences of these carefully selected profiles.
  • Expert Guidance from Campaign Management
    Leveraging the knowledge and experience of a seasoned campaign management team provided invaluable insights and strategies to optimize email sequences. The expert guidance helped in fine-tuning the content, timing, and delivery methods, leading to substantial improvements in the overall performance of the outreach efforts.
  • Campaign Reviews
    Conducting thorough and insightful reviews of each campaign offered critical learnings and data-driven insights. The conducted by founder reviews informed the client's team of future strategies, enabling continuous refinement and enhancement of outreach tactics to better meet the evolving needs and behaviors of the target audience.
Before/ After Sequences Workshop
    “Implementing email marketing strategies has improved our overall email communication response rates and we are thankful to ULTB for that”
    Maris Krasnikovs, I Love Mobile®
    Partnership Director
    • Sequences for 2 ICPs Ready to Roll

      Equipped with perfectly crafted email sequences tailored to 2 ICPs, the team is poised to engage and convert prospects with precision and relevance.

    • Ready-to-Use Dataset
      Access to a ready-to-use dataset empowers the team to kickstart outreach initiatives immediately, eliminating the need for time-consuming data collection and parsing processes.
    • Essential Tool List for Email Outreach

      Armed with a curated list of essential tools for massive email outreach, the team is equipped with the necessary resources to streamline and optimize their outreach campaign efforts effectively.

    • Strategically Planned Campaign Ready for Action
      With a meticulously planned campaign strategy in place, the team is prepared to launch into action, confident in their ability to execute targeted and impactful outreach initiatives.
    Campaign Manager
    Mirza Mujanović
    Customer Success Manager
    Nadia S
    Sales Expert
    Ratko Milin