Case Study
30 Days Challenge:
High-Converting LP, 7 Commercial Negotiations and Targeted Offer
  • Closed deals with LTV of $48,000
  • 24 calls
  • 7 commercial negotiations
About My Deco
british boutique marketing agency boosting online visibility and traffic for interior designers.
  • Solution

    B2B Sales Engine
  • Industry

  • Headquarter

    East Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Company size

  • Overreliance on Few Big Customers
    Relying too heavily on a handful of big clients hinders growth and innovation by limiting exploration of new marketing strategies and portfolio expansion.
  • Niche Industry Targeting
    Tech start-up founders seeking fundraising represent a niche audience. Pinpointing this group requires careful segmentation of the broader tech industry.
  • Lack of Sales Experience and Techniques
    The founder's lack of sales expertise, coupled with splitting focus between core responsibilities and sales calls, results in a low conversion rate.
  • Stagnant Lead Generation
    Lead generation remains stagnant due to a lack of diverse channels and inadequate investment of time and resources.
  • Landing Page Optimization Masterclass
    to enhance conversion rates by creating visually appealing pages with compelling use cases and testimonials.
  • Sales Call Evaluation Sessions
    to bolster the founder's sales acumen and confidence, personalized to review current cases and tailor product pitches.
  • Lead Conversion Strategy Discussions
    with the founder facilitated effective reply management and nurturing, improving the chances of closing deals with potential clients.
  • Project Lead by Lead Campaign Manager
    leveraging her marketing expertise Lead Campaign Manager ensured adept handling of the complex case and alignment with My Deco's objectives.
  • Profound Landing Page Analysis to Define Main Products
    helped identify primary products, develop new Ideal Customer Profiles, and craft new Value Propositions to resonate with target audiences.
  • Main ICPs Analyzed for Engagement
    We analyzed the performance of main Ideal Customer Profiles, particularly designers and producers of home decor, to gauge engagement levels and refine targeting strategies.
Hyper-Personalised Sequences
    Fiona Mostyn, My Deco®
    • 24 Calls in 3 Months

      reflecting sustained client engagement and proactive follow-up, facilitated by our comprehensive lead conversion strategy discussions.

    • Closed 2 deals with Expected LTV of $48,000
      showcasing the effectiveness of our personalized sales call evaluations and strategic guidance.
    • Negotiated 7 Deals within 30 Days
      thanks to UltB refined email outreach knowledge and innovative tactics.
    • High Converting Informative Landing Page

      achieved through our targeted workshops and advanced optimization materials.

    Lead Campaign Manager
    Daria Chesskaya
    Reply Manager
    Ajla Burina
    Customer Success Manager
    Svetlana Vasilieva
    Email Deliverability Manager
    Anton Neyaskin
    Sales Expert
    Ratko Milin
    Data Scientist
    Igor Medved