Case Study
11 Commercial Negotiations
ROI Skyrockets by 800%
  • 2,5 months
  • 6 calls weekly
  • 11 commercial negotiations
About RIO

British headquartered, international sustainability technology company.

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    B2B Sales Engine
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  • Promoting 3 Diverse Products with Uncertain Market Fit
    The company has three distinct products but lacks clarity on which will perform best in email marketing outreach. This uncertainty complicates campaign targeting and risks diluting the brand message. A methodical approach to market testing and audience segmentation is crucial to determine the optimal product-market fit.
  • Urgency for Immediate Results in a Developing Startup
    The startup faces pressure to deliver rapid results to secure its market position and attract investment. Achieving significant milestones quickly is essential to survival in a volatile environment. Prioritizing high-impact initiatives and optimizing resources are critical to balancing short-term gains with long-term sustainability.
  • Niche Nature of the ESG Industry
    Identifying and engaging the right target audience within the specialized ESG sector is challenging, requiring deep understanding of stakeholder values and interests. Crafting compelling sequences demands strategic market research and personalized messaging. This task is further complicated by the need to stay ahead of evolving ESG trends and regulatory standards.
  • Underutilized Sales Team
    The sales team is currently underutilized, primarily due to a low volume of incoming inquiries and a lack of demo calls. Without a steady flow of qualified leads, the sales team's potential remains untapped. There is a critical need to boost engagement through proactive lead generation strategies and enhance the visibility of the sales team’s expertise.
  • Expanded to the US Market
    By executing a strategic expansion plan, we successfully introduced RIO ESG products to the US market, diversifying their customer base and significantly increasing their market share.
  • Workshops on ESG for Reply Managers
    We organized specialized workshops focusing on ESG principles to deepen UltB Reply Managers' understanding and improve their communication with potential leads of RIO ESG.
  • Hit MMF with the First Try
    Our strategic approach and precise market analysis enabled RIO ESG to achieve the MMF on the first attempt, delivering essential functionalities that met and exceeded their users' expectations.
  • Developed 2 New ICPs and Launched 2 Diverse Strategies
    We meticulously developed two new ICPs and created distinct personalized communication sequences tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This approach resulted in a 9% interested reply rate.
  • Tailored Solution Sequences for a Niche Audience
    By developing highly tailored solution sequences for a niche audience, we showcased RIO ESG profound knowledge and expertise in ESG. This targeted strategy positioned RIO ESG as thought leaders, fostering trust and credibility among clients.
  • Reached Out to 2000 + Different Titles Across 100+ Industries
    Our extensive outreach campaign engaged over 2000 professionals, including C-Level executives and ESG managers, from more than 100 industries such as banking, hospitality, chemicals, and civil engineering.
Hyper-Personalised Sequences
    “Thrilled with 5 weekly calls! Now, time management is my new challenge ”
    Sebastian Lengfield, RIO®
    Business Development Manager
    • 11 High-Value Deals in Negotiation

      Within just 2 months, our efforts led to 11 deals in negotiation, collectively representing a lifetime value (LTV) of $100,000.

    • Up to 6 Qualified Calls Weekly

      This consistent level of engagement allowed the sales team to focus on meaningful conversations with prospects who were genuinely interested in the product, thereby maximizing the potential for closing deals.

    • Successful Promotion of a New Product
      The campaign's targeted approach not only raised awareness but also drove substantial engagement and inquiries, setting the stage for successful product adoption.
    • Custom Scheduling System
      This system ensured that the sales team could manage their time effectively, allowing for prioritized meetings with high-potential prospects, and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.
    Campaign Manager
    Sona Poghosyan
    Reply Manager
    Ajla Burina
    Customer Success Manager
    Nadia S
    Email Deliverability Manager
    Anton Neyaskin
    Sales Expert
    Ratko Milin
    Data Scientist
    Igor Medved