Case Study
From Workshops to Wins:
Empowering Email Marketing Mastery
  • 1 month
  • 3 workshops
  • 6 steps sequence
The Great People Agency
A global talent acquisition strategist and HR consultant, known for innovative solutions as the founder of her international HR and recruitment agency, based in Lisbon.
  • Solution

    UltB Academy
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  • Headquarter

    Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Seasonal Fluctuations in the Labor Market
    The Great People Agency faced a significant seasonal decrease in requests for HR and recruitment services due to shifts in the labor market. During certain times of the year, the demand for hiring services dropped sharply, impacting their revenue and client engagement.
  • Need to Scale Outreach Efforts
    The Great People Agency needed to efficiently scale personalized outreach efforts while ensuring these efforts were integrated with LinkedIn for maximum reach and engagement. The existing manual processes were time-consuming and lacked the scalability needed to handle a growing client base.
  • No Understanding of VP and ICP
    The Great People Agency lacked a clear understanding of their ICP and VP, which hindered their ability to target the right audience effectively. Without a well-defined ICP and VP, their marketing efforts were scattered, leading to lower engagement and conversion rates.
  • Online Presence and Conversion Rates
    The client needed to update their website to improve their online presence and conversion rates. The lack of clear calls-to-action and optimized landing pages resulted in high bounce rates and missed opportunities for lead generation and customer acquisition.
  • Taught Personalized Sequence Writing for Massive Outreach
    We guided the customer through every step of creating email sequences, parsing datasets, and building an automated email outreach system, ultimately empowering them with the knowledge to execute these processes independently in-house.
  • Shared Email Marketing Best Practices
    By sharing industry-leading email marketing strategies, we empowered clients to optimize their campaigns, resulting in improved open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign success.
  • Defined Precise TA and Provided 3000 Leads Matching Defined ICP
    We identified and defined the ideal customer profile, delivering 3000 high-quality leads tailored to this profile, ensuring that outreach efforts were both targeted and efficient.
  • Crafted a Compelling Value Proposition
    Our team helped articulate a powerful value proposition that resonated with prospects, making our clients' offerings stand out and driving higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Website Review for Enhanced Conversion
    We performed a comprehensive website audit, providing actionable insights to improve user experience and conversion rates, ensuring that client websites were optimized for maximum impact.
  • Multiple Examples of Sequences
    We provided clients with a variety of successful outreach sequences, offering inspiration and proven templates to guide their own email campaigns and enhance their effectiveness.
Before/ After Website Review
    “I feel much more equipped to start doing business development now and this is thanks to you!”
    Anne-Clémence SIRE, The Great People Agency®
    • High-Impact Outreach Sequences

      Together we delivered fully-prepared, high-impact email sequences, enabling clients to launch effective campaigns immediately and achieve rapid engagement.

    • Elevated Confidence Levels
      Our comprehensive training and resources boosted clients' confidence in promoting their products, leading to more assertive and successful marketing efforts.
    • High-Converting, Polished Website

      We helped the client transform the website into a polished, high-converting platform, optimizing user experience and significantly increasing conversion rates.

    • Comprehension of ICP and VP
      Clients gained a clear understanding of their ICP and VP, ensuring all marketing initiatives were precisely targeted and highly effective.
    Campaign Manager
    Mirza Mujanović
    Customer Success Manager
    Nadia S
    Sales Expert
    Giorgi Khanishvili